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The Harvard Immigration Project Issue Briefs series offers cutting-edge research that brings background and recommendations to policy makers, practitioners, journalists, and researchers.

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Immigration Fellows Program

The Harvard Immigration Project Fellows Program offers advanced level doctoral students at Harvard University the opportunity to receive additional training and support for one academic year.

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Immigration at Harvard

IIH executive committee members, faculty affiliates, partners and others at Harvard University offer a wide array of opportunities for the campus community to engage with issues of immigration.

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Special Report on The Long-Term Impact of DACA

By Roberto G. Gonzales, Sayil Camacho, Kristina Brant and Carlos Aguilar

On Thursday, November 7th 2019, the IIH in partnership with the National UnDACAmented Research Project released a report on long-term impacts of DACA.  This report outlines new findings from the National UnDACAmented Research Project, a longitudinal national study aimed at understanding the impacts of DACA on the program's beneficiaries. Respondents in this latest wave of research include a diverse sample of 408 DACA beneficiaries from six states, representing an array of racial, ethnic, economic and educational backgrounds. The report details how DACA has served as a vehicle for social mobility, how the experience of beneficiaries varies across states, and the barriers that remain within the policy.

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