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The Harvard Immigration Project Issue Briefs series offers cutting-edge research that brings background and recommendations to policy makers, practitioners, journalists, and researchers.

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The Harvard Immigration Project Fellows Program offers advanced level doctoral students at Harvard University the opportunity to receive additional training and support for one academic year.

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IIH executive committee members, faculty affiliates, partners and others at Harvard University offer a wide array of opportunities for the campus community to engage with issues of immigration.

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Knocking Down Barriers to Inclusion: School Social Workers, Advocacy, and Equity for Immigrant Students

By Sophia Rodriguez, Benjamin Roth, and Leticia Villarreal Sosa

Immigrant students face numerous barriers to equity in public K-12 schools. Extensive research has enhanced our understanding of these barriers, their impact on immigrant children, and how educators and administrators address them. Schools are complex organizations with a range of personnel who ideally work together inside and outside of classrooms to ensure that all students have access to quality education. A complete picture of how schools are supporting immigrant students—and why, at times, they may fall short—must therefore explore how all school-based actors contribute to advancing equity.

This issue brief summarizes findings from a study of school social workers to explain their role and contribution in the collective effort to advance equity for all. 

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