Jacqueline Bhabha: Supreme Court’s ‘Dreamers’ decision just a first step

Jul 22, 2020 - Jacqueline Bhabha: Supreme Court’s ‘Dreamers’ decision just a first step

Read Professor Bhabha's full opinion in the Financial Times

IIH Executive Committee member Jacqueline Bhabha writes on the Supreme Court’s DACA decision for the Financial Times:

Since September 2017, the “Dreamers” who had benefited from Daca have been living on a knife’s edge.

Thousands of the Daca-mented have suffered from crushing anxiety because of the insecurities associated with their status; some at Harvard have sought medical help for mental illness. Our students report that crucial days for the legal case have been preceded by sleepless nights of foreboding. Last week’s ruling brought this terrifying limbo to an end.

For now, the Daca-mented can continue to work, study, live with their families and lead their lives free from imminent deportation. But they are not out of the woods. Only legislation can convert the discretionary suspension of deportation into a permanent legal status leading to citizenship. That, like so much else in the US, depends on the November election.

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