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UndocuVeritas launched in February 2021 as a support hub for the undocumented and immigrant community across all Harvard schools, funded by the Harvard Culture Innovation Lab Fund. 

The primary goal of UndocuVeritas is to connect undocumented students virtually through a secure technology platform, and they would love for you to join!

They refer to undocumented as any individual without immigration status, a DACA recipient, TPS recipient, or asylee/refugee. As undocumented students, they have seen the limited opportunities to connect with students between and across Harvard’s schools, including graduate programs. For those who join UndocuVeritas, they hope you’ll gain the following: 

  • A centralized platform through Discourse to share resources, events and opportunities for undocumented students across the University. 

  • A secure platform and support hub that will allow users to connect remotely and crowd-source answers. 

  • Connect undocumented students with staff and alumni. Staff from the Harvard Immigration & Refugee Clinic, Office of Career Services, and Diversity support offices from various schools will have limited access to specific discussion threads to be able to answer any questions. Alumni will also have access to certain channels to answer questions and provide mentorship.

You can sign up HERE.

They also invite faculty, staff and educators of undocumented students at Harvard to join UndocuVeritas to help guide, identify resources and share opportunities with this community.