Monarch ButterfylUndocumented students and students living in mixed-status families are vibrant–but often invisible and underserved–members of our educational communities. The Immigration Initiative at Harvard is committed to providing a welcoming learning community empowering all students to flourish.

Terms & Definitions

Undocumented: A noncitizen in the US. Not to be confused with international student.
DACA: Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals
TPS: Temporary Protected Status
Mixed Status: Individual with family members of varying legal status.

Resources for Students

UndocuWisdom: Life lessons and advice on how to live well despite the challenges of undocumented status

UndocuAllies (Harvard Graduate School of Education)

Undocumented at Harvard

Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinic

Act on a Dream (Harvard College)

Things I’ll never say – Platform for Undocumented young people to create their own narratives

My Undocumented Life

From Dreamer to Doer: College Resources for Undocumented Students

Resources for Educators & Counselors

Unafraid Educators

Teaching about Family separation at the U.S. Border – Facing History and Ourselves

Immigrants Rising — Organization that provides resources and opportunities to support the educational and career goals of undocumented youth

Supporting students from immigrant families

Undocumented and immigrant student resources

Re-Imagining Migration

Guide to College Admissions for Undocumented Students

Immigration Advocacy Resources

United We Dream

Massachusetts Immigrant & Refugee Advocacy Coalition (MIRA)