Special Report on The Long-Term Impact of DACA

By Roberto G. Gonzales, Sayil Camacho, Kristina Brant and Carlos Aguilar

DACA report

Established in 2012, DACA has provided critical support to young people — more than 800,000 youth have taken advantage of the two-year work renewable permits and temporary relief from deportation to pursue their dreams and realize their full potential. This report outlines new findings from the National UnDACAmented Research Project, a longitudinal national study aimed at understanding the impacts of DACA beneficiaries. Respondents in this latest wave of research include a diverse sample of 408 DACA beneficiaries from six states, representing an array of racial, ethnic, economic and educational backgrounds. The report details how DACA has served as a vehicle for social mobility, how the experience of beneficiaries varies across states, and the barriers that remain within the policy.

For media inquiries related to the report, please contact immigrationinitiative@harvard.edu or 0016173010377.

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