Hablando Juntos Sobre la Inmigración | Parental Preparation for The Immigration Status Talk

The goal of this project is to begin establishing this foundational knowledge around immigration socialization related to the legal concept of undocumented status. This research study project consists of a two-phase mixed-methods approach from the lens of caregivers/parents in mixed-status immigrant families and focuses on these adults’ process of immigration socialization preparation. Phase 1 will consist of semi-structured interviews with caregivers in Latinx mixed-status families. Those qualitative findings will consequently be used to adapt an existing knowledge-building and interactive ERS workshop series using stepwise learning, attention to affective concerns of caregivers, and providing vicarious social models with verbal encouragement. In Phase 2, the adapted content will be implemented, and a set of measures will be gathered to capture caregiver/parent skills, motivation, confidence, and immigration-threat to test the efficacy of structured preparation for the delivery of an intervention providing immigration socialization messages for Latinx mixed-status immigrant families. Findings will advance scientific knowledge on immigration-specific family socialization and study the potential moderating role of caregiver-child immigration socialization preparation on parental and caregiver outcomes.

Get involved!

We are recruiting graduate students to contribute to this project:We are recruiting graduate students who are interested in the data collection preparation phase of research including:

  •  Reviewing literature on ethnic and racial socialization and related interventions
  • Caregiver/parent interview protocol development
  • Planning recruitment of participants, and other data collection logistical planning.

If you are interested, please contact sarah_rendongarcia@gse.harvard.edu via email or complete this contact form. Please include the following in your message:

  • Cover letter describing your research goals and why you are interested in working on this project
  • CV or resume
  • Unofficial transcript