Asian American Mobility and Transpacific Movements

EMR 137
Courtney Sato
T 3:00pm-5:45pm
This seminar draws together Asian American history (ca. 1800-present) and the emerging interdisciplinary field of mobility studies. This course will explore the formation of “Asia America” through Asian American networks and transpacific communities with particular attention to the perspectives and agency of Asian/Americans. Together we will think through and critically interrogate histories and cultures of movements in various forms (lecture and world fair circuits, gendered labor flows, cultures of travel, the figure of the sojourner, international student exchanges, and transportation infrastructure like steamship and railroad lines). Throughout, we will employ transnational and diasporic analyses to examine central themes in Asian American and transpacific studies including: immigration, labor, cultural representations, militarism, gender and sexuality, settler colonialism, and political movements and ideologies.