Ethnic Studies and Education

EDU T004 04
Christina Villarreal
T Th 7:30pm-9:30pm
How might the study, interrogation, and analysis of our collective past and present through a comparative, humanizing lens support our ability to contextualize and confront the challenges of our present? This course introduces students to the origins, epistemologies, frameworks, key concepts, and central questions in the field of Ethnic Studies, while applying these concepts and questions to our own educational experiences, and the various realms of education in which we currently work. The course begins with a body-centered, analytic examination of key events in early U.S. History through a humanizing and comparative lens, followed by analyses of various curricular and pedagogical enactments of Ethnic Studies in schools, and ends with exploring healing centered engagement as a praxis of possibility. Topics will include, but are not limited to: race, racism, ethnicity, migration, labor, imperialism, social movements, intergenerational racial trauma, white supremacy, power, agency, liberation, intersectionality, abolitionist teaching, community action, healing centered engagement and social change. We will focus on applications of Ethnic Studies in various educational contexts as the practice of humanization and liberation. This course is designed to be both an individual and collective journey that challenges each of us to critically reflect upon and grow in our work as educational practitioners, scholars, and activists. Students will pursue personally and professionally resonant group projects as a culminating exercise in solidarity by applying the lens of Ethnic Studies to develop resources for the educational spaces and communities in which they work.