IIH hosts a range of events to foster interaction and collaboration among scholars, policymakers and practitioners.

We disseminate key messages from these events through a variety of channels, including videos and research briefs. We also promote events organized by partner organizations on and off campus in the Boston area.

IIH Speaker Series

‘Assimilation: An Alternative History’, with Catherine Ramírez

Webinar with Catherine Ramírez, University of California, Santa Cruz

Wednesday, December 2, 2020, 12:00pm to 1:30pm

Zoom or Facebook Live: Register

Assimilation explores the history of the concept of assimilation as a socio-cultural process in the United States. A pillar of the US nation-making project, assimilation is widely regarded as an outcome of immigration: it is the process by which immigrants turn into Americans. Assimilation as Americanization has been defined in relation to racialization, the process whereby racial categories are produced and understood as part of a social hierarchy. Those who do not assimilate, who are deemed unassimilable, or for whom assimilation is not an option are considered outsiders or failed citizens.


Ultimately, Assimilation argues that assimilation is not only a result of immigration; assimilation is also a consequence of indigenous dispossession, US imperialism, slavery, and an immigration apparatus that ranks migrants and produces illegality. By approaching assimilation as a relational process whereby the boundary between unequal groups and between inside and outside blurs, disappears, or, paradoxically, is reinforced, this book underscores that assimilation is a relationship of power.

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